June 2018

Hari Om to All SCGCS Members

We hope all of our members are doing well and are in good health. We were truly sorry that we had to cancel the Holi festival due to weather concerns, but hoped all of you enjoyed Ram Navmi celebration at Gayatri Mandir.

Summer is here and we have some fun programs planned which we hope all of you can participate in. To start we will have the summer picnic on June 24th (Sunday) at Carbon Canyon Regional Park. SCGCS will provide lunch free of charge to all members who attend. Click here for more information about the picnic.

We were fortunate enough to be able to reserve camping this year at El Capitan State Beach in Goleta CA. It’s a fantastic location and is limited capacity for both cars and people. Camping is from Aug 2nd (Thur) through the 5th (Sun). The cost for family of 2 is $200.00 and for a family of 4 is $350.00. Additional details about the outing and the application can be downloaded by clicking here. We encourage you to download and fill out the application ahead of time and make your check payable to “Southern California Gujarati Cultural Society”. We will also have application available at the Picnic and picnic will be the 1st day the application will be accepted.

Lastly, we have reserved the Jain Center in Buena Park for the Navratri celebration on Oct 13th & 20th of 2018. Additional details of the event will be provided in the next flyer.

As always, we are here to serve our members to the best of our abilities, and are truly hoping for greater participation from the members for all of the three events below.


Rajay Patel

President, 2018