SCGCS Sept 2019 Flyer

Hari Om to All SCGCS Members                                                  Sept 2019

I hope all of our SCGCS members are doing great and are ready for the last two events of 2019 which are Navratri Program and Diwali Dinner.  We ask our members to spread the word to their friends and family and come and celebrate Navratri.  For all SCGCS members this event is free of charge.  Those that want to do Aarti please see one of the trustee boards when you arrive.  Additional information in Sept 2019 Flyer

Due to Hall’s policy we are unable to serve cooked Prasad or snacks. So for Prasad, we request our members to bring dry Prasad or fruits.  SCGCS will provide Aarti, so please don’t bring Aarti from home. 

The next celebration is the Diwali/New Year program.  Since it’s at a restaurant, the capacity is limited so please purchase your ticket in advance at the Navratri Program.   We look forward to celebrating the New Year with family and friends, additional information can be found on page 2 of this flyer. 

If you would like to be part of SCGCS board of trustees in 2019 please go to SCGCS.ORG to download and complete the form and mail it by Nov.15th, 2019. 


Anil Patel                                                                                                   

President, 2019